These are the terms and conditions of the agreement by which Panasonic Canada Inc. ("Panasonic") 5770 Ambler Drive, Mississauga, Ontario L4W 2T3, agrees to extend the term of the original manufacturer's limited warranty ("original warranty") given by Panasonic to the original end user purchaser of the following products (hereafter called "Products"): VIERA Plasma TV/Monitors; VIERA LCD Televisions

The term of the Extended Warranty is two (2) years beginning upon the expiry of the term of the original warranty. This Extended Warranty extends the period of coverage of the original warranty, but (except as otherwise noted in this Agreement) Panasonic's obligations are the same as are described in the original warranty. This Extended Warranty is applicable only when purchased prior to the expiration of the original warranty.

Panasonic will remedy any defect in materials or workmanship in Product covered by this Extended Warranty Agreement by restoring the Product to its normal operating condition, through the repair or replacement of defective parts with new or refurbished parts, at its own expense, or will replace the Product, at its discretion, with the same or equivalent new or refurbished model product having comparable functionality and performance.

This Agreement covers Products purchased from an authorized reseller of Panasonic Products in Canada. It does not cover any Product which has been improperly installed, subjected to usage for which the Product was not designed, misused or abused, damaged during transportation, or which has been altered or repaired in any way that affects the reliability of, or detracts from its performance, nor does it cover any Product used for rental or other commercial use, or used communally in a multi-unit residential building.

This Agreement does not include add-on items such as peripherals and accessories, or appearance or structural items, including, without limitation, housing or cabinet, and parts thereof, or consumable items designed to be replaced by the owner periodically such as batteries, projection lamps, air filters, etc. Failures due to lack of recommended or required preventive maintenance or cleaning are not covered.

The maximum liability of Panasonic under this Agreement shall not exceed the purchase price of the original Product. In no event will Panasonic be liable for any special, indirect or consequential damages, including, without limitation, any damages resulting from delay in providing services under this Agreement, or from loss of use of the Product.

Important Notice regarding the use of video games, computers or other fixed image displays
The markings or retained images on the picture tube or Liquid Crystal Display and Plasma Display screens resulting from the reception of fixed images are not defects in materials or workmanship, and as such, the appearance of any of them is not covered under the terms of this Agreement.

Service must be performed only by a servicer authorized by Panasonic to service VIERA televisions ("Authorized Servicer"). Repairs performed by unauthorized persons will void this Agreement. Location of the service will be as indicated in the original warranty. Service will be provided during normal business hours. In the case of in-home service, such service will be available only to locations accessible by road within fifty (50) kilometers of an Authorized Servicer. The purchaser must provide to the Authorized Servicer the original Product purchase receipt along with the Panasonic "Performance Plus" Extended Warranty Certificate. Outside the 50 Km range delays in repair may be encountered and customer may be responsible for additional transportation / travel costs.

The Customer can cancel this Extended Warranty Agreement within 30 days of purchase of the Agreement, provided that the term of the Extended Warranty has not commenced, by contacting the place of business where the Extended Warranty was purchased. A full refund will be provided of the purchase price of the Extended Warranty (including applicable taxes).

This Agreement sets forth the entire Agreement pertaining to the Extended Warranty plan. Provincially mandated provisions govern if inconsistent with these terms and conditions. This Agreement shall be interpreted in accordance with the substantive laws of the Province of Ontario, and the parties hereby agree irrevocably to attorn to the jurisdiction of the courts of Ontario. This Extended Warranty is non-transferable.

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